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Eötvös József - gitárművész

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Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750)
The Goldberg Variations BWV 988, Clavierübung IV (1742)
transcribed for and performed on solo guitar by JÓZSEF EÖTVÖS

If you can thus distil the line, and still make the transcription beautiful and faithful to the original, then the essence of the Bach line has been successfully captured in greater concision (given that Bach is already quite concise!). What more can I say for Mr Eötvös except that the Goldberg Variations as he has transcribed and performed here make the music sound like it was originally written for guitar rather than the keyboard? Using less colours, he seems to have actually made the picture even more beautiful.

After the heavenly Aria, listen to the joyous pace of Variation 1 (still my favourite), with its natural flow. There is not a hint of rush, and an ample ring of sunny cheer and breezy delight, making one want to get up and dance. From his gorgeous instrument, Eötvös extracts a beautiful interplay of the upper and lower lines, combined with the phrasal nuances, colours and nudges that mark the great guitarists. The hands (and fingers!) often seem to dance with each other - try Variation 3 - an effect much clearer on a single guitar.




  Eötvös József - gitárművész  
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