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Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750)
Goldberg Variations BWV 988, Clavierübung IV (1742)
transcribed for and performed on guitar by JÓZSEF EÖTVÖS

- This is not the first time that Bach's other instrumental music has been transcribed for the guitar and put into context Bach himself was an avid transcriber. Notable examples are the 5th cello suite and the 3rd lute suite (BWV 995) and the 4th Partita for unaccompanied violin which was later reworked for performance as a Cantata.
- The Chanterelle Edition:
- In reviewing this transcription I turned to the Neue Ausgabe Samtlicher Werke (1977) in order to gain some insight into how fateful this transcription was to the original score. On listening to the CD recording it seemed uncanny that the performance appeared faithful to the keyboard version and to my surprise this was largely confirmed having comparing the keyboard and guitar scores.
- Aria: 2 bars - Chanterelle (1997)
Ornamentation shown in full.
Both Jozsef Eotvos and the publisher have gone to considerable trouble to provide clear commentary to the variations with double scores to illustrate some of the possible ornamentation that can be used in the works interpretation. This attention to detail is exemplified by the explanations for ornamentation at the tenth variation in which each ornament is given in long hand. Eotvos has also written in a double stave in a number of the canons including Variations 3 (Canone all'Unisono), 6 (Canone alla Seconda), 9 (Canon all Terza), 12 (Canone all Quarta), 15 (Canone alla Quinta), 21 (Canone all Settima), 24 (Canone all'Ottava). This use of the double stage is explained by the author, to 'make clearer reading' of the 'architecture'.
- The publisher has also set out the score with much condensing so that many of the variations are accessible without always having to turn the page over, making sight reading possible with unnecessary disturbance. Jozsef Eotvos's fingering of the work is thorough and logical making the work very readable despite the intrinsic complexity of the music. The Edition is nicely presented in a 78 page book..




  Eötvös József - gitárművész  
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