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Eötvös József - gitárművész

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Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750)
The Art of Fugue
transcribed for and performed on guitar by JÓZSEF EÖTVÖS
Jan Hanford /USA

This cd is remarkable not only for its technical achievement but for its musical depth and sensitivity.

Jozsef Eotvos is an extremely gifted guitarist. He recorded The Art of Fugue on two differently tuned guitars, overdubbing to get each complete piece. His arrangement is mostly for two voices each on the two guitars.

The result is the most joyous version of The Art of Fugue I've ever heard. The recorded sound is close and very clear, absolutely perfect. The separation of the voices is amazingly distinct. I found it impossible to tell that the guitars were overdubbed, the timing and balance are perfect. A lot of talent and, more importantly, a lot of thought went into this remarkable performance. The details and nuances of his interpretation are what make this recording so extraordinary; he has given every phrase special attention. This is no easy task, The Art of Fugue is one of Bach's most complicated and intellectual works. Joszef's performance sings and dances, light as a feather.

The interactive bonus material on disc 2 is an added treat and very enjoyable. It contains some scores in printable PDF format and audio of one of the two guitar tracks, so that anyone can play along with Joszef.

Hopefully, this recording will bring Joszef the attention and acclaim he deserves. He's a gifted musician with an extraordinary vision that should be heard by all Bach lovers.




  Eötvös József - gitárművész  
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